Philip Hubertus
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I'm a Product Manager at HERE, where location is everything.
At HERE we enable people, enterprises, and cities around the world to harness the power of location and create innovative solutions that make our lives safer, and more efficient. We transform information from devices, vehicles, infrastructure, and other sources into real-time location services that play a key role in how we move, live and interact with one another. Please visit the HERE website or to learn more about our SDKs and APIs.
I lead teams that build and market digital product to scale.
I work with my team and take products to market by describing, designing, challenging, and inventing business models. I ask questions like: What is the usage and value of features? How does the product scale? What do consumers expect? What do sales teams need to sign up customers? When is a product successful? What is the revenue or value created with the product? How can we improve operational efficiencies? How can we evolve the product?
With these insights I drive the definition of product vision, mission, focus areas. I make sure this is communicated to stakeholders and product development teams to provide the necessary context for them to work towards a common goal. I guide teams to use user feedback and do additional market research to translate user and business needs into product stories, so development team can build and improve the product against these.
Before working on location services I spend over 7 years in the digital marketing space. I served clients and managed teams for the leading global agencies Razorfish and MRM Worldwide.
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